An international firm of architects, planners and interior designers specializing in a wide range of  multi family residential projects are at the heart of Lorient Homes developments.

Lorient Homes is a contemporary triangle area residential developer dedicated to providing elegant, modern and upscale residences at a great value. We believe that distinguished modern homes do not need to be unaffordable; to the contrary, Lorient Homes and its predecessors have been building modern luxurious homes and offering them at prices comparable to prevailing market rates. We believe that a newly-built modern home should be contemporary, smart and affordable all at the same time.

At the core of Lorient’s philosophy and design is that your home should be uniquely and exceptionally designed and without compromise from aesthetic, lifestyle, and practical aspects.

The home’s ingress and approach, community landscaping and landscape architecture, exteriors and facades need to be in harmony. The Interior layout, feel, lighting, air conditioning, and controls work in Unison to make you truely feel at home. Moreover, modern designs and architecture need to serve people’s uniqueness. Lorient Homes will provide layout, flooring, and interior/exterior finishing options within the overall architectural scheme, to meet your unique taste and needs.


Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, this is a guide to the services and approach we offer to our clients.


After selecting a development site that suits Lorient’s approach, we create a focus group of market and technical experts to conceive the optimum floor plans, exteriors, amenities and value for home owners. Upon launch, we work with our residents with a high degree of flexibility to ensure the home suits their lifestyle and unique needs.


Based on the results of our focus group recommendations, we iteratively create the optimum site plans, floor plans, finishes, and exteriors that provide exceptional residences, while maintaining ample possibilities to cater to each residents needs.


Once the residence is conceptually set, we engineer it with best-in-class designs and materials, with focus on quality, timely delivery, and exceptional value.


Delivering a uniquely designed, masterfully constructed residence, that will always endure as a great experience and investment value for home owners.